[ Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger ] Hermitcraft / NPC Grian Animatic [ Snapshot AU Part 5 ]

This was definitely the hardest part so far-

As always, I do not own the audio. The song is Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk
The characters belong to their respective channels. Because I’m insane, I will list them all:
Grian, MumboJumbo, ZombieCleo, BdoubleO100, Cubfan135, Docm77, Falsesymmetry, GoodTimesWithScar, iJevin, ImpulseSV, Iskall85, JoeHills, Keralis, Rendog, Stressmonster101, TangoTek, Tinfoilchef, Welsknight, xBCrafted, XisumaVoid, and ZedaphPlays

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Man. 28 characters-
At the beginning, there’s frames of all 28, which I have posted on my Instagram in 3 separate posts if you want to check those out without having to pause repeatedly
Thank you guys so much! The response to my work has been so amazing and it makes me so happy!
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You guys are truly amazing, and I love you all so much!